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vlogging cameras for beginners Voolex.com
best camera for vlogging and pictures
best starter vlog camera
youtube vlog camera
good camera for youtube vlogs
cheap vlogging cameras for beginners
camera used for vlogging
best affordable vlogging camera

Voolex 4K FPV Camcorder Head Wearable Action Camera Video Cameras EP7 Vlogging Recorder Cameras

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  • Provides video clarity and produces more enhanced images and videos with its impressive 4K camcorder that can shoot up to 60fps with high quality.
  • Buttery smooth video recording can be done easily because of the built-in gimbal stabilizer with a double-axis that gives highly processed videos with no shaking. 
  • Strong sensitivity and equipped with HDR function that can counter the distortions produces by extreme dark or strong lighting and reset the details while shooting.
  • FPP (first-person perspective) video shooting for vlogging.
  • IP65 dustproof and waterproof design, long battery life supported by 1000mAh strong lithium battery that allows charging while in use. All that with a super EP7 4K video camera.
  • 64G SD card included.


  1. Automatically activated auto-segmentation while recording 4K or 2.7K video every 5 minutes.
  2. Automatically activated auto-segmentation while recording 1080p or below (720p/480p) video every 20 minutes
  3. Cannot capture a picture under 4K/2.7K resolution.
  4. Under the situation of the memory card’s format is not compatible with the camera, the camera will sound “Please hold on the Photo button to format the memory card”, please press the photo button for 5 seconds after the prompt tone, the camera will format the Micro SD card automatically. Once it finishes formatting; the camera would give an audio confirmation “format complete”.

     What's in the Box:

    EP7 what's in the box

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    •  You can return your product up to 7 days after receiving your order.Please make sure that the products are not used.

    Happy customer

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Edward Scott
    Video is jumpy stop start

    I’m not happy with this camera the video is jumpy even if the camera is stationary.

    Jerrin Devassy

    This is a unique product. It is designed beautifully. It is very sturdy and compact. Image quality is nice. In my testing 4K30p is the sweet spot for the camera though it can shoot 4k60p if needed. It has a mini Hdmi output in case you need to send signals. The charge last for 1.30hrs. While recording this cam will create 5 minutes files (3gb) and can record continuously up to 1.30 hours. You can charge and record at the same time. Footage quality is perfect. It has a in built gimbal that stabilizes the footage while still keeping the action cam look. Sound quality is very good too. It also gives you voice feedback while recording and voice warning to charge the battery. More over you can connect it to an app and control all the settings. It can take unto 256gb micro sd card and it comes with 64gb memory card to get you started. I am a very happy customer and have 8 of these bad boys with me. Go for it guys !! Thank you voolex.

    Kristy Goings
    Great picture but struggling to get it figured out

    the video quality was great. It was well stabilized. the sound recording was a bit weak. I will have to remember to speak loudly. I am struggling to learn all the ins and outs of operating the camera.

    Lea Rhodes
    I can concentrate on control with drone shooting.

    I wanted to shoot the aircraft image while flying the drone, but it's difficult to attaching an action camera in my forehead , so I tried this. I placed on my sight, adjust and fix it there, and after turning on the power and remote control, it will inform you by voice that "Recording start". I tried it about 10 times after fully charging it (about 5 to 10 minutes each time), they are beautifully shots.

    At first, clear image was set as default, so it took a lot of space, but if you change the setting via the smartphone and lower the level by about 2, the load on each device is greatly reduced. In the beginning ,adjust the position is little complicated due to the skeleton of my face, but I adjusted it by using a pad and vinyl tape to prevent slipping on my face. Now that I can concentrate on controlling the drone, it has become easier.

    Dinesh Weerasooriy
    The image quality is quite good. The sounds seems weak ,I will review again

    With the dedicated app, I made fine adjustments to the shooting direction while checking the screen (operation confirmed on iPhone 11Pro, 5s). I attached it to my head while riding my bike.The video was shot at 4K 60 fps.
    By the way, when shooting continuously, the data was separated in 5 minutes at 4K 60 fps and 20 minutes at FHD (1080P) 30 fps.
    Also, with the attached 64GB SD card, it is possible to shoot 1 hour 43 minutes 51 seconds at 4K 60 fps and 7 hours 38 minutes 33 seconds at FHD 30 fps.

    First Person View

    The EP7 4K camcorder head-mounted design can achieve the first-person View with the same vision as the eye. Not only that but also free hands to work. Just like the artist in the picture can record the drawing process. Great first perspective body cam and perfect for Vlogging.


    The 4K camcorder will not affect the stability of the picture due to the shaking of the human body, and achieve smooth video recording and maintain clarity. Thanks to a high-sensitivity sensor, the EP7 Vlogging camcorder has a built-in HDR function, which can provide more image details than ordinary images even in a dark environment. Its gimbal delivers a lovely smooth cinematic experience.

    CMOS Sensor

    Built-in 1/3 inch 13.0MP High-sensitivity CMOS sensor. Up to 20.0MP still pictures, and multiple video resolutions available. 4K camcorder that can shoot up to 60fps with high quality.EP7 4k video cameras build-in  CMOS sensor to add edges to improve RGB colour space, reduce noise,And increase the resolution and dynamic range of 4K images.

    4K Resolution

    This is a 4K Resolution Camcorder and video cameras. This is a 4k video camera's high-quality 4k video output, maximum support 60fps video recording, the use of ergonomic 76 grams of the light body while focusing on the use of comfort while bringing 4 times the 1080P resolution of 3840 x 2160 video. 

    IP65 Waterproof

    The VOOLEX 4K Camcorder is water-resistant. Satisfied with your need for life waterproof but please don't dip in water to use,4K Video Camcorder has a nice look for protection.

    Powerful Battery Life

    The EP7 4K camcorder can support charging and recording while connected to a mobile power supply, shooting at will, without fear of power failure. Streamlined design headband, fits the head and ear shape, wearing glasses does not affect the use.

    APP & WiFi Remote Control

    VOOLEX EP7 4K camcorder supports Wi-Fi APP control. You can download the OD cam APP tailored for EP7 in ios and Android APP stores. Watch the image brought by EP7 at any time, and you can also edit videos and share them on social platforms. Vlogging camcorder recorder cameras EP7 is suitable for web celebrity bloggers on YouTube.
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