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4K Camcorder AZ50 with 64X Digital Zoom
4K Camcorder AZ50 with 64X Digital Zoom
4K Camcorder AZ50 with 64X Digital Zoom
4K Camcorder AZ50 with 64X Digital Zoom
4K Camcorder AZ50 with 64X Digital Zoom

4K Camcorder AZ50 with 64X Digital Zoom

  • With HD Sony 13MP sensor ,it's two times larger than normally camcorder and greatly enhance the images clarity . The High sensitivity also help you to capture high-quality videos and images in low light.
  • Designed a three in one slots hot shoe adapter ,the 4K camcorder kit including a smart LED Filling Light and a stereo microphone.
  • Adopt for 64X digital zoom which enable to help you get outstanding videos and photos. If that not enough for you, we also equip a 12X telescope which has the same function with optical lens ,you can capture more distant picture and enhanced image quality to makes the images and videos brighter and clearer.
  • We especially designed an all in one camera bag, which can protect your camcorder and sort of the messy accessories. Using the thickened pressure resistant material, it can keep your machine safe without any worry.
  • AZ50 adopts time-lapse photography, which can taking a sequence of frames at set intervals ( 1s, 3s, 5s ) to record changes that take place slowly over time.


    Image Sensor:13MP Sony High sensitivity CMOS sensor,1/2.3 inch

    LCD:3.1 inch IPS Touch screen (16:9) 

    Lens Type:64X Digital Zoom Lens

    Aperture:f=8.13mm ,  F.NO: 3.0  Ø:37mm,Focus range:2.5 m~INF

    Video Resolution(4K 3840*2160(30fps),QHD(2K):2560*1440(30fps),FHD(1080P):1920*1080(60fps), HD(720P):1280*720(120fps)

    Image Resolution:6080*4560(28M),5600x4200(24M),5200x3900(20M),4608x3456(16M),4192x3144(13M),3648x2736(10M),3648x2048(7MHD),2592x1944(5M),2048x1536(3M),1920x1080 (2MHD),640x480 (VGA)

    Frequency Band:2.4G / 5G

    Metering mode: Central focus exposure, Average exposure, Single point automatic exposure

    Night Vision: Support (Infrared IR CUT black and white night vision)

    Continuous shooting:3 photos,Timed shooting:2S,5S,10S

    Interface:HDMI V2.0,Hot shoe:External MIC /LED,USB2.0/DC IN (Stereo input)

    Memory card:Max 256GB

    Language:English/German/French/Spanish/Italian/Turkish/Russian/Portuguess/Dutch/Simplified Chinese/Traditional/Chinese/Japanese/Polish

    Size(Length*Width*Height) :128*68*70mm,Weight:Around 305g(Battery is excluded)

    Certificate: CE, Rohs,FCC, CCC


    Package Including:    

    • 4K Camcorder set*1
    • USB cable*1,Adapter *1
    • HDMI 2.0 cable*1
    • NP120 battery*2
    • Lens cap*1
    • Charger *1
    • DV bag*1 
    • Monitor *1
    • LED Light*1
    • Handheld Stabilizer*1
    • Wide Angle Lens*1
    • Lens Hood*1
    • Stereo Microphone*1
    • Telescope*1
    • 64GB SD Card*1
    • User Manual*1


    Note: Adopted with 3.1'' IPS touch panel ,it has better color accuracy and performance of displaying images and videos.But we still suggest using the HDMI 2.0 cable to playback on 4K TV or 4K computer because it will perform much better than little screen.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    4K Camcorder AZ50 with 64X Digital Zoom

    4K Camcorder UHD.265 terrific value. Hope the results are as good as promised.

    4KCamcorder, UHD.265 arrived at the promised day. Well packaged. Took two hours to becoming familiar with all that is in the kit. Initially looks very good standard of finish although the complexity is not matched by the quality of the instructions and it will take along time to become with familiar with all the modes of operation. At this moment everything looks very good and I and I can¡¯t wait to try the 4K Camcorder in all its modes.
    How do I download photos and videos onto an Apple iPad from the SD card?

    Good product for the money

    After receiving it I found that the product was up to my standards of satisfactory. The stage light that comes with it works great, the image looks good, and I have not been able to fully test the mic quality but from the 8 second test footage I took on my own showed that the mic worked very well. This product is wonderful if you're getting into stuff like YouTube or vlogging of some kind. Thanks for the awesome product!


    4K Camcorder AZ50 with 64X Digital Zoom

    Good camera worth the money, charged battery and 64GB card installed out of box, ready to film.

    It's a great little camcorder that came ready to record, so far I've recorded about 2 minutes. Very well worth the money compared to and does same job as camcorders ranging from $2,500 to 5,000. It has all the features I need or can figure out. One thing they don't tell you; how in world do you hook up the microphone, but, I discovered there is a tiny hole or a microphone so I can't see need of the big microphone shown sitting on camera. Handle is selling feature only,, I think. I took it off. Maicrophone and light I took off after installing them. I am home user who films grandkids and scenery, I don't produce presentations or show.s, Best buy I found in camcorder for my use. Complaints I read, didn't ezist with mine. I am pleased and recommend it.