How to replace the internal battery?
Due to the complicated structure of the camera, only professional technicians can replace the internal battery.

Can I wear this vlog camera for surfing?
This camera is suitable for outdoor sports such as cycling, hiking, etc.

But it is not suitable for extreme sports such as surfing, skiing, skydiving, etc.

What SD card should i use?
Strongly recommend Grade U3 Micro SD with storage capacity of 64GB or above.

Why the videos recored by this camera was cut into segments every 5 minutes?
This camera is belong to action camera, GoPro and DJI action camera also has this situation, it is normal.

Can I use this camcorder without APP and internet?
Yes, you can take picture and recording video without APP and phone, because the camcorder body has physical buttons.

Does the camera have a video stabilizer?
Yes, this video camera has built in mini gimbal, it will effectively avoid up-and-down jitter to meet daily photography needs.

What is the difference between VOOLEX EP7 and Gopro action camera?
If you have a GoPro, you need to wear it on your wrist or Gopro helmet bracket, it is non-first perspective.

But VOOLEX EP7 has unique first-view design, what you record is what you see.

Does it work at sub-zero temperatures?
Normal working temperature of VOOLEX EP7 is -15°C~40°C(5~104℉).