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Infrared Thermal Imager HT-A1
Infrared Thermal Imager HT-A1
Infrared Thermal Imager HT-A1
Infrared Thermal Imager HT-A1
Infrared Thermal Imager HT-A1
Infrared Thermal Imager HT-A1

Infrared Thermal Imager HT-A1


●High-resolution Images - 35, 200 Pixel images with a 3.2" Full-Color screen displaying crisp and clear thermal images in thermal or visible light view.

●Choose the ideal color scale for your job - Rainbow, Iron Red, Cold Color, Black and White, or White and Black ,you could Transfer those images and data to your computer via USB Micro-B to create detailed reports.

●Powerful and useful: non-invasive safely way to let you see a hot spot or cold spot patterns, reliably measure temperature, and store images for instant troubleshooting. Help you to predict problems before they happen. Widely use in Firefighting, Home, Industrial, Crime, Medical, Manufacturing, Engineering, and more.

●Combines a highly sensitive and accurate thermal sensor with ergonomic design to enable you to find and measure heat spots for diagnosis, troubleshooting, and allowing you to take photos for reports. In buildings and mechanical systems, this includes water penetration, heat or cooling loss, blockages or leaks in plumbing systems, malfunctioning mechanical systems ( bearings, belts, etc.), overloaded electrical circuits, and building diagnostic issues.

●POCKET SIZE:Thermal Camera dimensions: 140 x 80 x 28mm (5.5 x 3.1 x 1.1”), Weight: 208g (0.46lb.). the design and weight of the camera enable the user to comfortably hold and use the camera for an extended period of time. Large buttons for ease of use even with gloves on. light and thin. you could carry it anywhere.

    Popular Applications:

    Water Leaks / Air Leaks / Roof Leaks
    Missing and Compromised Insulation
    HVAC Issues – Heating and AirConditioning
    Electrical Hot Spots
    Underfloor Heating
    Plumbing Problems
    Stud and duct placement
    Mechanical Equipment Failures
    Pest Infestations
    Solar Panel Evaluation


    Display:3.2" full angle TFT display
    IR sensor size: 220×160
    Digital camera: 640 × 480 pixels
    Field of View/shortest focus length: 35°×26°/4.0mm
    Thermal sensitivity: 0.07°C
    Temperature range: -4°F ~572°F ( -20°C ~300°C)
    Measuring accuracy: ±2% / ±2°C
    Spectral range: 8~14μm
    Image frequency: 9Hz
    Focus Mode: Fixed
    Color-palettes: Rainbow, iron oxide red, cold color, black heat, and white heat
    Power supply: Built-in chargeable 1800 battery
    USB Connector Type: USB Micro-B: Data transfer to and from PC
    external power Operation: AC adapter,90-260V AC input ,5V output to camera
    Operating temperature range: 32 to 113°F (0°C to 45°C)
    Storage temperature: -4 to 122°F (-20°C to 60°C)
    OperatingHumidity: <85%RH
    Storage medium: Built-in 3G (above 2 million images stored )
    Size:140×80×28mm (5.5 x 3.1 x 1.1”)
    Weight:0.46lb (208g)
    Warranty: Two years warranty against manufacturing defects.

    What’s in the box?

    Infrared camera
    Power supply/charger
    USB cable
    Printed documentation

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